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Kentucky Trucker Breast Cancer Awareness

H & W Trucking, LLC President Tim Hornback is a supporter of the Susan G. Koman Foundation.. They are in their 3rd year of hosting the Breast Cancer Awareness Truck & Tractor Pull. In the past two years they have been able to donate over $30,000 to the Louisville Chapter, where all monies are dispersed locally.

When a family member was diagnosed with cancer, Tim was looking for a way to raise awareness and help members of his local community that was faced with the obstacle of overcoming and defeating cancer.

The 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Truck & Tractor pull will be October 10th-11th at the Hardin County Fair Grounds. For more information visit www.breastcancerttp.com.

Recently the group was awarded the Citation of Excellence Award from Governor Steve Beshear. This award was giving in recognition of their achievements. The group was very humbled to receive such an honor.

H & W Trucking willing to give back to the community.

Kentucky Trucker

H & W trucking willing to give back to the community. You may see a trailer sitting in a parking lot just like currently at Lowes. Yes it was there last year helping support our local Warm Blessings card board nation. Helping to raise awareness for the homeless. Lowes was willing to donate cardboard but Warm Blessings needed some where to store. H & W were willing to lend a hand for such a great cause with the economy in decline unfortunately the homeless rate is increasing. H & W Trucking hoping to help!